Comic collections

You may not have noticed it before but all the comics on Beardfluff are added to 1 of 3 collections: fillers, guest comics and miscellaneous. You can access them via the left sidebar. They act a bit like categories.
I just added a 4th one called ‘Fire and Stone’ where I’ll be putting all the firebird chapters/storylines. I’ve also renamed them to ‘Flare’ instead of ‘Firebird’. It’ll make more sense when naming the other chapters.

Grouping the comics like this should make it easier to search and navigate but the navigation isn’t obvious enough at the moment.
- For 1 thing, I’ll bet very few people ever even noticed the collections before. So I’ll make that more obvious.
- Secondly, I need to make it clear that when you’re browsing the comics with the Previous/Next buttons, you’re not going through the whole archive but just the comics in 1 collection.
That’s why, if you start browsing from this week’s comic, you won’t come across the firebird comics. The latest comic belongs to Miscellaneous while the birds belong to Fire and Stone.
- or I might make it so you do browse every comic, regardless of collection.

So in short: check out the Collections in the left sidebar and look forward to some much-needed tweaks in the navigation.





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