1 word or 2?


The poll is closed! It’s been an interesting discussion and I’ll let you know the results (and the winner) when I post the new comic tomorrow. Thank you for helping me out!

When I came up with the name for this comic, I was aiming for something short, easy to write and just plain funny. A compound word like ‘Beardfluff’ fit that perfectly. When it came to deciding how to write it, I chose the most compact form (no spaces or hyphen) for practical reasons. If you use a hyphen (Beard-fluff) or open form (Beard Fluff), I figured people would wonder how to construct the url.

There’s some room for interpretation when it comes to rules in writing compound words. What I didn’t count on was that there’s a tendency for some compounds to be written in its open form. So I’m left wondering if it would have made more sense to write ‘Beard Fluff’ instead.

Now that’s where you, loyal readers, come in. I’m looking at the native English speakers especially. What seems the more natural way to write it? You can either vote on the Facebook poll or just leave a comment below. I will change the name accordingly. You’ll have my eternal gratitude and one of the voters will get a copy of the new book.



One word. It seems more like a name. I also agree with your point about url construction.


I know this isn’t really want you want to hear, but either way is correct, especially since you name your own comic, and therefore can spell it however you want.

I think the two-word method makes a little more sense, people are going to mess up the url no matter what you do, and your logo makes it look like it’s supposed to be two words.


Thanks for your input! That’s very true, I can basically do whatever I want with it. It’s just that several people linking to me have been writing it in 2 words and it’s made me question what spelling is the most natural. I think that’s the most important thing with any name, brand or logo.


I voted on facebook already, but I like it best as one word. That’s just how I see it in my head. But I have to agree with “Meli.” It’s right either way.


My suggestion: Buy the domain beard-fluff.com, and 301 redirect it to beardfluff.com, then you can call the comic whichever you want, and both URLs will work. As to which name I prefer, I don’t know, they both seem fine to me. I come here because I enjoy the comics, the exact name doesn’t really matter. (to me, at least)


A redirect would be an excellent fallback, yes. I’m not that worried about the url anymore. My ranking on Google and such is also pretty high with both variations of the name.
It’s more about me looking for the most natural and consistent way of writing it. But seeing the votes and comments so far, in either case I’ll just have to keep pointing out to people “hey, this is how I want it to be written”. :D
Thank you for your thoughts!