An action figure design as a self-portrait. I forgot to include aspririn. Maybe that’s for the special edition.

Next week: 3 more pages of Fire and Stone (a.k.a. ‘that bird story’)



I could be your arch-nemesis action figure!

Glasses, T-shirt, shorts, sandals, coffee, Aperture Science mug, iPhone, backpack (laptop edition), and a rounded-handle umbrella with sinister spring-loaded action! I’d need to shave my beard to be any more nemesis-y :P

Also, who’s your favourite Doctor? Mine’s still Tennant.


This can only lead to one thing… an umbrella fight at dawn!

My favourite Doctor is Tennant as well. Neil Gaiman once said that everyone has ‘his’ or ‘her’ Doctor and it’s never the first one. That’s exactly it for me (and I suspect for a whole new batch of fans that came on board since the reboot in 2005).

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